Novo Mul AE is an Anionic bitumen emulsion,200 liter

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Novo Mul AE is an Anionic bitumen emulsion.
It is supplied as a brownish-black liquid, high-quality
asphalt emulsion tack coat for pavement bonding
is a specially designed product for ensuring a uniform and strong bond between layers
of asphalt in road construction and maintenance
Novo Mul AE is high-quality waterproofing
emulsion bitumen.
Novo Mul AE complies with ASTM – D – 977

 Easy and uniform spray.
 Good penetration, due to the small partial size
5 – 10 microns.
 Enhance structural strength of layers.
 Prevent lateral movement of structural layers.
 Water-resistant and enhances the shedding of water.
 Provide a waterproof layer to prevent water
ingress from the possible water table below.
 Create a bond between the existing surface and a
new course of asphalt.
 Surface to be paved.
 Less consumption in application than cutback.
 There is no specified temperature to spray.
 Good quality waterproofing.
 Non-hazards.
Novo Mul AE is a brownish-black emulsion of
bitumen that is applied to the prepared, existing
surface before placing new hot mix asphalt. The tack
coat bonds to the original layer then the new hot
asphalt, when it is placed, bonds to the layer of
emulsion creating a monolithic pavement structure.
Creating this bond also helps in preventing water
intrusion that can create potholes damp.